Walk-In Clinic & Urgent Care for Enterovirus D68 Near Centennial & Denver, CO

At American Family Care (AFC) Urgent Care near Centennial and Denver, CO, our experienced and trained medical staff know all about viruses. We can help you and your loved ones educate yourselves on various illnesses and how to prevent and treat them. One such virus is enterovirus D-68, or EV-D68. EV-D68 is a contagious virus that often affects the respiratory tract. Here are our just a few common questions that we hear at our walk-in clinic about the enterovirus:

Is EV-D68 serious? Do I need to go to a hospital?
EV-D68 can be very serious in some cases and requires hospitalization if the virus escalates. There are both mild and severe symptoms of EV-D68. Mild symptoms are similar to flu symptoms, such as body aches, cough, runny nose, and fever. In more extreme cases, individuals can experience difficulty breathing and deep wheezing. In these extreme cases, it is always recommended to go to a hospital emergency room if the illness is life-threatening. For mild symptoms however, American Family Care (AFC) Centennial CO is a great walk-in urgent care clinic option.

Who does EV-D68 affect?
EV-D68 can affect anyone, but it is more common for infants, young children and teens to get the virus.

How do I prevent and treat EV-D68?
There is no vaccine or treatment for EV-D68, unfortunately. The best tip for EV-D68 treatment is starting with prevention. Avoiding any respiratory secretions for infected individuals is a good way to avoid catching the virus. Washing your hands throughout the day and keeping good hygiene is also the best way to prevent the spread of EV-D68.

If you or your loved one is experiencing any EV-D68 symptoms, please do not hesitate to walk into American Family Care (AFC) Centennial CO. We have trained medical experts on site who can help you quickly and have you feeling better as soon as possible. Our urgent care clinic, conveniently serving Centennial, Englewood and Denver, CO, is a great option for your immediate minor emergency healthcare needs.

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