Heat-Related Illness Treatment in Centennial, CO

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Heat-Related Illness Treatment in Centennial, CO

The summer and fall months in Centennial are sure to bring lots of summer fun and parties, but along with the fun they also bring heat. Every year, thousands of Americans experience illness from heat during the hottest months. While many of these heat-related illnesses can just be temporary, some can be more serious and lead to death. It is important to be prepared if you are spending time in the heat and take the necessary precautions to avoid heat illness. At AFC Urgent Care in Centennial near Greenwood Village CO, our medical professionals focus on providing you and your family with heat illness treatment, among many other urgent care services.

There are a number of heat-related illnesses that everyone spending time outdoors in the heat should look out for:

  • Heat Stroke: symptoms can include high body temperature, hot and red skin, fast pulse, headache, losing consciousness, or nausea
  • Heat Exhaustion: symptoms can include heavy sweating, cold and pale skin, fast pulse, nausea, fainting, or headache
  • Heat Cramps: symptoms can include heavy sweating or muscle spasms
  • Sunburn: symptoms can include red skin and blisters
  • Heat Rash: symptoms can include red clusters of small blisters that look like pimples

If you or a loved one experience any of the above heat-related illnesses, it is important to receive medical care as soon as possible. At AFC Urgent Care Centennial, our medical professionals can help you feel better as soon as you walk into our clinic- no appointments necessary. For any life-threatening emergencies, it is essential to go to the nearest hospital emergency room for care. For any less serious symptoms of heat-related illness, come into AFC Urgent Care Centennial today! Our team of urgent care professionals looks forward to helping you feel better as soon as possible.

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