Walk-in Clinic for Pre-Travel Vaccines in Centennial, CO

Pre-Travel Doctor’s Visits

Before you embark on a trip abroad, there are a lot of little things to prepare and figure out. While traveling is an exciting time, there are some essential steps to take before a trip to ensure that you stay in good health. One of these steps is to go to a doctor for a pre-travel appointment. This appointment will allow your physician to give you the proper vaccinations and medications before you leave the country. American Family Care (AFC) Centennial CO offers walk-in pre-travel appointments for your convenience.

At our clinic, we often receive questions about pre-travel appointments and what should be expected at the visit. Here are just a few for your convenience:

What questions will my physician ask me about my trip? Should I bring anything to the pre-travel doctor’s visit?

Your doctor will want to know where you are traveling to, for how long, and the types of activities you’ll be taking part in while abroad. In addition, it’s a great idea to bring a list of any previous vaccinations that you’ve had.

What types of vaccinations and medications will I receive at my visit?

The medications and vaccinations you receive will depend on where you are going and the duration of your trip. If you’ve had previous vaccinations, this could also affect the vaccinations you receive before going abroad.

Why should I choose American Family Care (AFC) Centennial CO for my pre-travel visit?

American Family Care (AFC) Centennial CO is a great choice for your pre-travel visit because of our excellent medical staff and convenient walk-in appointments. Our number one goal at our clinic is to provide our patients with top-notch medical care. We are conveniently located and welcome any more questions that you have!

To expedite your care, complete the on-line Travel Vaccination Questionnaire prior to your American Family Care (AFC) visit so your physician can customize a vaccine program for you.

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