Ringworm Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Centennial, CO

Ringworm Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Centennial, CO

Skin infections can be painful, itchy and nasty ailments. Ringworm is an example of a fungal skin infection and can usually be found on the body, feet, groin, or scalp. While the name can be deceiving, having ringworm does not mean you have a worm or parasite. The telltale sign of ringworm is a round rash with a red center usually.

At AFC Urgent Care Centennial, CO, our team of medical professionals provides treatment for ringworm, as well as many other skin infections. While the round rash from ringworm is an obvious sign of ringworm, there are other skin infections that can show similar symptoms, so it important to see a physician as soon as you begin noticing ringworm symptoms. Here are some examples of symptoms:

  • Itching
  • Scaly red patches on the body
  • Round circles or dry patches

Ringworm can also affect the hands, face and nails. Fungus is more likely to grow in moist areas, so ringworm usually infects sweaty areas of the body. It is important to avoid touching others if you have ringworm, as it is an extremely contagious infection. The most common way that ringworm is transmitted is through animals, specifically cats.

If you think that you may have ringworm or have been exposed to it from a family member or pet, please come into AFC Urgent Care Centennial, CO for a skin test and diagnosis. We offer fast and efficient urgent care services, and focus on providing preventative care for infections like ringworm. We look forward to helping you feel better soon!

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