Walk-In Clinic for Strep Throat Treatment in Centennial, CO

Walk-In Clinic for Strep Throat Treatment in Centennial, CO

Did you know that strep throat is much more common in children than in adults? Regardless, it is important to know all about strep, from symptoms to prevention methods. American Family Care (AFC) Centennial, CO is an urgent care clinic that offers convenient walk in appointments, so that if you or you loved one is experiencing strep throat symptoms, our physicians can provide quick and accurate diagnosis. An important step in strep throat prevention is first educating your self on the infection, in order to prepare yourself.

Here are some common questions that our physicians hear at American Family Care (AFC) Centennial, CO:

  • How is strep throat different from a sore throat?
    A sore throat is usually a scratchy, irritated feeling in your throat that goes away in a few days. Strep throat however, is caused by a bacteria that can grow in your nasal canals and throat, and is usually much more debilitating and can be painful.
  • What are the symptoms?
    Strep usually comes along with a high fever, and swollen lymph nodes. In addition, the tonsils can be red or white.
  • How is strep throat treated?
    After a strep test is administered, antibiotics are given. It is important to get a strep test first, in order to diagnose the cause of the illness.

If you still have questions about contracting strep throat or are showing symptoms, it is a good idea to walk into American Family Care (AFC) Centennial, CO today. Our medical team can see to your needs quickly and provide you with treatment in a timely manner. We look forward to helping you feel better soon!

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