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Everything You Need to Know About Sprained, Strained and Broken Ankles

Sprains, Strains & Broken Ankle Treatment in Centennial, CO

Being active all day is one of the best perks of warm weather and long days in Centennial, CO. But every now and then, we push ourselves too hard while trying to get in shape and sustain an injury needing urgent care in Centennial, CO. So what is the difference between all those ankle injuries you can get while running or playing sports? At American Family Care (AFC) Urgent Care our medical team is here to provide you and your loved ones with the healthy advice you need to live a happy and injury-free lifestyle.

Here are some of the major ankle problems we see at our walk-in clinic in Centennial, CO:


Sprains pertain to the ligament, and are usually a stretch or tear. Ligaments connect bones, so if you have a sprain you will notice it hurts to walk, run, or make sudden movements. Sprains can be both minor or major depending on the tear, and cause swelling/inflammation.


Strains are a pull or tear of a muscle or tendon, which are tissue cords that tie muscles and bones together. Strains can also be caused by not stretching enough or pushing yourself too hard when training. They are more common in the back and hamstrings.


Breaks are the most serious of the three injuries needing immediate urgent care in Centennial, CO at American Family Care (AFC) and should be looked at as soon as they occur by a physician. While all three injuries are painful, a break will be most noticeable if you see deformed bone or experience poor circulation.

If you are experiencing any of the above injuries, it is important to see a physician as soon as possible. At American Family Care (AFC) Urgent Care of Centennial, CO we provide quick service and are open flexible hours to better suit your schedule, no appointment needed. We look forward to helping you feel better soon!

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